The product



Rapana Venosa - a species of large predatory snail, a marine gastropod mollusk or whelk, from the Muricidae family (rock shells).




The product we are proposing is boiled, gutted, IQF or block frozen whelk meat, available in sizes from 2L to 4S.



The sizes


SIZE 2L - from 56g up - less than 17 pcs per kg

SiZE L - 27g to 55g - 18 to 37 pcs per kg

SIZE M - 18g to 26g - 38 to 55 pcs per kg

SIZE S - 12.5g to 17g - 56 to 80 pcs per kg

SIZE 2S - 9.5g to 12.5g - 81 to 100 pcs per kg

SIZE 3S - 7g to 9.5g - 101 to 150 pcs per kg

SIZE 4S - below 7g - more than 151 pcs per kg




Packaging: multiple options available, depending on the type of freezing required. Please contact us for details.




Logistics: from our factory, shipment is done via de port of Constanta which is 120km away, to any required destination. Contact us for details.



The factory


The factory, built in 2005 is located close to the Black Sea, near the city of Tulcea in Romania. The industrial site covers 10 000 square meters, while the building count for a total of 2 265 square meters.


There are 6 warehouses, ranging from +1000 to +100 square meters, 2 main production units of +300 and +150 square meters, 1 freezing unit, 2 technoological tunnels and a packing space.

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